Pre- Operative Patient Care and Information for Dogs and Cats


Before coming to the surgery

Please do not allow your dog or cat to eat any food after 9:00 pm the previous evening, Drinking water should always be freely available.

Dogs should be taken for a short, supervised walk (on a lead) prior to their arrival at the surgery to give them ample time to 'go to the toilet'.

Cats should be kept in overnight (with a litter tray) and brought to the surgery in a secure basket.

If your pet is on regular medication, please continue this as normal , unless advised otherwise , and let the nurse know when it was last given.


On arrival your pet will be seen by a member of staff who will fill out a consent form with you . Some things to consider are:

Contact telephone numbers: we will need a number so we can contact you during the day.

(a personal mobile that you will carry with you is usually best)

Pre-anaesthetic blood test :We offer this to all patients undergoing anaesthesia. This is a screening test that is especially valuable in alerting us to pre-existing problems in older animals but can also show problems in younger animals that may have and effect on anaesthesia. If a problem is detected, we can use suitable anaesthetic agents, give intravenous fluids etc. or postpone treatment as necessary. The cost of the blood test is £45

Other procedures :Please let us know if you want nail clipping, de matting,

microchipping (reduced price £20) or anything else done whilst under anaesthetic.


All animals will be transferred to a comfortable cushioned kennel where they will be given a mild sedative to ensure that the anaesthetic goes as smoothly as possible. Depending on the procedure a small amount of fur may be clipped on the forearm or under the chin . This is for either taking blood samples or giving the anaesthetic. Don't worry, this should start growing back in a few days.


Please call us after 2pm if you have not already heard from us . We can then arrange a time for collection and go through any questions you may have.

Once home, please ensure they have a quiet, comfortable surrounding where they cannot be disturbed and are allowed to recover. Please ensure you follow all instructions that are written on the home care forms .


We respectfully request payment in full at the time of collection . We accept all credit and debit cards, cash and cheques (with bank cards).


If you intend to claim from your insurance company , please bring a claim form with you.