Obesity and Weight Loss

It's not all about the scales !
Book your pet in for a free nurse consult to help your pet lose the weight and become healthier , happier and more active overall.

Did you know that over half of the UK's pet population are overweight.
Obesity is not just reading too high on the scales . We use Body Condition Scores ( just like humans !) to assess which category your pet is in and if they are overweight. We then make a plan to improve the score and have regular check ups to make sure the goals are being achieved.
When the ribs cannot be felt at all and there is no waist, a dog or cat is considered to be obese. Obesity is defined as being 20% overweight. A weight problem occurs when there is an accumulation of excess energy which is stored as fat. In other words the individual is receiving more calories than needed for body maintenance and energy expenditure. Obesity causes an increase in disease and mortality at all ages and is associated with sugar diabetes, certain types of cancer, impaired mobility and arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Weight gain in your pet should be taken seriously. If you were told that your pet was suffering from heart disease or kidney trouble you would know instinctively that this was serious. Obesity is just as serious.
Achieving and maintaining a pet's ideal weight not only reduces the health risks, but also can increase life expectancy, improve quality of life, and allow them to become more active.

What can I do?
Compare your pets weight with that at 12-24 months old. The weight should not have increased beyond this point.
Rapid weight loss should be avoided. An approximate time plan is as follows:
- To lose 25% of the initial bodyweight takes 25% of the year.
- To lose 33% takes 33% of the year.
- To lose 50% takes 50% of the year.
Weight that is lost slowly is more likely to stay lost!
A special 'low calorie' diet is available from the surgery that is properly formulated for effective weight loss. The diet is more effective if combined with additional exercise.
Write down everything that your pet gets to eat during the day. You will often be surprised at the sabotage that goes on! You have to be vigilant!
A prescription Diet such as Purina Obesity Management high in Protein to help your pet lose weight at tyhe expense of fat - rather than muscle.They are also low in fat and high in fibre which enhances weight loss. They also taste great !
Once the ideal weight is reached your pet can be changed onto Proplan Light to prevent obesity recurring after successful weight loss. It is reduced fat and high fibre and excellent for maintaining a healthy body condition score .
Once weight returns to an acceptable level you will be surprised at the years that seem to have been shed. It really is worth persevering. We will do all we can to help. Do not hesitate to contact one of our veterinary nurses and book your pet in for free twice monthly weight assessments.