"Paws For Thought"

We have officially sighted our first tick of the year at Ashman Jones, which means it is a good idea to make sure you are all up to date with your tick treatments. For dogs we normally recommend a monthly Simparica tablet and for cats there is the Seresto collar which lasts for up to 8 months! We still recommend the purchase of the very handy 'O'Tom Tick Twister' to twist off the evil ticks, to ensure the spread of those nasty diseases are prevented!


At Ashman Jones we have seen a variety of mouth related traumas, including stick injuries. Many dogs love the thrill of chasing and carrying sticks, however the results of this can be heartbreaking. As we know sticks can be rather long and sharp , so when swallowed can have horrific consequences, causing punctures, impaling body parts and getting stuck in awkward places. Toys are generally a much safer option for your dog to run after and play with. There are toys available, as we do here, that mimic the shape and length of a stick. The toy we have available at Ashman Jones are called 'Safestix' and it comes in a variety of sizes. The 'Kong Safestix' can be thrown, chewed and it will even float on water!

We are calling out for owners to come forward with their favourite local walks, in and surrounding the Bath area. We would be very grateful if you have any new ideas so that we can add some new walking ideas on to our website. If you know of any good dog walks then feel free to contact us through email, facebook or twitter. If you would like to see Murray's favourite local walks then click on the 'walks' link on our website, or use this link: http://www.ashmanjones.co.uk/walks/

A few weeks ago we had a stray brought in to us by a member of the public, we don't normally take in strays here, however HEART Animal Rescue had agreed to collect her the following day to give her a chance of getting better. The stray cat was so adorable and friendly, however she seemed to have a 'missing' top lip. We hoped for the best that it wasn't a tumour and James, our permanent locum, suggested it may be something called Eosinophilic granuloma, which can be managed with ongoing injections. We decided to treat her with the first injection and re-see her in a months time to assess if she was improving. Ange from HEART decided to call her Doris, and we think it really suits her! Doris was brought in for her recheck and the results were very impressive. Her top lip is now rebuilding and Doris looks brighter than ever. Doris is now up for re-homing and looking for her new 'forever' home.

Just a reminder to our lovely clients that we are open every Saturday and Sunday! We are open 9AM until 1PM every weekend, so if you need anything we are here for you every day of the week.

It was a big day on Sunday 12th March for over 12,000 runners took place in the Bath Half Marathon. Well done to everybody that took part, it was a great day with an amazing atmosphere. I completed the half marathon in aid of The Alzheimer's Society, If anybody would be kind enough to donate to this amazing charity then it is not too late to sponsor me on Just Giving. If you would like to see my page please click on this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/HollyeSmith22 

Until next month I will leave you with another interesting fact: Did you know Flamingos are pink because Shrimp is one of their main food sources, they are actually born with grey feathers.

Warmest Wishes

Holly Smith @ Team Ashman Jones