"Paws For Thought"

Recently it has become rather chilly for our furry friends. One issue that the winter brings is the harsh effects that the cold has on our pets with arthritis. The cold weather can have a stiffening effect on their muscles and it is believed that the drop in air pressure results in their tissues to swell. This can result in a lot of pain for our loved ones. The Reason that lots of the beautiful oldies get arthritis is due to wear and tear of the joints. The cartilage in-between the bones starts to wear down causing the bones to come into contact with each other, which over time can also cause damage to the bones.

One way in which we can help our arthritic pets is by making sure they are not carrying excess weight, as this will place unwanted pressure on the joints. It is advisable to exercise an arthiritic dog, but take them on shorter walks more often rather than two long walks a day. Although arthritis cannot be cured, you can help to alleviate the pain a lot by giving anti inflammatory medication, or supplements. Here at Ashman Jones we sell supplements such as Nutraquin +, which is a natural joint support, for both cats and dogs. Members of our Best friends club will get 10% off this product along with other shop items. Our BFC also has other benefits for our gorgeous senior patients such as an extra arthritis check with the vet, 10% off blood screening and 10% off senior medication along with much more, please see our website for more details or speak to one of our team.

Bear hugger1.jpg

At Ashman Jones, we have invested in an extraordinary and highly effective piece of equipment, the bair hugger! The bair hugger is a machine that manages the temperature of patients whilst under, and waking up from, an anaesthetic. It works by forcing out warm air into a ‘blanket like’ cover. Whilst patients are under an anaesthetic they are unable to regulate their own body temperature, which is why we have to do it for them. Making sure the patient is warm is a priority in order to prevent hypothermia. The bair hugger is a much safer piece of equipment to use, rather than heat pads, as it will not cause burns or get too hot for the patient.

For those of you who remember Lady's story, regarding the success of her dental, a couple of months ago, you will be happy to hear Lady is still doing amazingly well! On the 29th January our gorgeous poster star celebrated her 20th birthday! Congratulations Lady!

We have a new member of the Ashman Jones team. Meet Ethel, Debbie’s gorgeous new Bull Terrier pup! Ethel has been an amazing new addition to Debbie's family as she gets on very well with Debbie’s two other dogs Adora and Ewan. She is just too cute!!

Congratulations to 'Max' for winning the Christmas photo competition 2016! We all loved this very cheeky photo of Max! Max's owners won a luxury Christmas hamper with tasty goodies for all the family. Thank you all for your lovely Christmas competition entries, it was a very tricky decision!

I have some good news for our Widcombe clients. Prior Park Garden Centre have very kindly agreed to allowing our clients to park in their car park for short term use, when bringing their pet in for an appointment. Dogs on lead are also allowed into the garden centre, so you could always pop into their cafe for tea and cake afterwards! Other options of parking include on the road outside of the practice, where you can stay for up to an hour. There is also the Widcombe shoppers car park behind the church on Widcombe parade. If you bring in your parking ticket afterwards, we are more than happy to refund you the £1.60.

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Until next month, I will leave you with the my first animal fact of the year... Did you know Starfish have an eye at the end of each leg!


Warmest Wishes

Holly Smith @ Team Ashman Jones