"Paws for Thought"

'Paws for Thought'
August 2016

During this time of the year you may still see little baby birds on their own. The majority of the time the kindest thing you can do is leave them be. normally their mother is close by and so it can be very stressful for little birdies to be taken away, to an unfamiliar environment. If you are worried about a bird that you have found you can contact Secret World Wildlife Rescue on 01278 783 250 who may be able to come and collect them, if they need rehabilitating.

As our warm, yet sadly rather wet, summer continues into the month of August, so does the appearance of grass seeds. The grass seeds that cause particular worry to us, as pet owners, is one type called Dry Foxtail. They replicate the shape of a little arrow head, which means they are particularly prone to attaching on to our animals fur and burrowing into the skin. They are most commonly found in-between toes and in the ears. Long haired breeds can be more at risk as it enables the seeds to catch on to the fur easier. By trimming around the paws and ears this can help reduce the chance of grass seeds attaching. If you notice your little furry friend is continuously licking at their paws, not being able to settle or if they are shaking their head this could be due to the uncomfortable presence of a grass seed so we advise if they show any of these signs they should be taken to see the Vet as soon as possible, so that it can be removed.

We are still getting warm, muggy days I am sure that lots of your doggies have been desperate to jump into the rivers and streams to have a cooling swim. Occasionally through excessive swimming or going into sudden cold water your dog may develop a problem with their tail called Limber tail. It is also known as a 'broken wag' due to its noticeable drop. It will drop down either from the base or it can stay held out for a few inches and then it drops at the end. It can be painful for your doggy friend, however in most cases it will resolve by itself within a week. We do recommend taking your dog to the Vets if you are concerned as sometimes the tail may seem limp for various other reasons too!

Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Veerle Dejonckheere, She is a wonderful Vet with many years experience specializing in areas such as chiropractic care, sports medicine and rehabilitation, acupuncture and herbal medicine. We are very lucky to have her come to consult at our Widcombe branch almost every Monday. Veerle works alongside first line vets, combining conventional and complementary approaches to provide care to maximize the health of her patients. Veerle helps to treat many different conditions including osteoarthritis, injuries, spondylosis, neuropathy, bowel problems, hypothyroidism, Addisons and pancreatitis. For a longer list with more detailed information about treatments with Veerle you can visit her website which is http://integratedveterinarycare.co.uk/who.html.

Here, at Ashman Jones we often get phone calls, from owners worried that their cat or dog has eaten something that perhaps they shouldn't have! Many people already know about some dangerous foods which should be kept away from our pets such as raisins, chocolate, garlic and onions but there are quite a few others that are not so commonly spoken about. A spice which many people keep in their cupboards is Nutmeg, however what you may not know is that if a dog ingests lots of it, the results can be fatal. If Nutmeg is eaten by a dog it can cause tremors, seizures and nervous system abnormalities. It is worth knowing as the strong, spicy scent of Nutmeg can be very attractive for dogs.

Many people wonder if nuts are actually dangerous if eaten by our pets or not. The nuts which you should not give to them include almonds, pistachios, pecans and walnuts as these can cause vomiting, diarrhea and potentially pancreatitis. Macadamia nuts are particularly awful for dogs to ingest as they can cause weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors and hypothermia. These symptoms would normally appear within 12 hours of ingestion and can last from around 12 to 48 hours.

Both cats and dogs should not not be allowed to drink anything that has caffeine in it such as tea and coffee. Caffeine has something in it called methylxanthines. When ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and sadly, in some cases, even death. Many people give milk to their cat or dog as a little treat, however they are not able to break down the lactose in milk the same way we can, which is why milk and other dairy-based products can cause diarrhea or vomiting.

At Ashman Jones, our puppy parties at Widcombe are proving to be very successful. It has been lovely to watch the puppies go from one week to the next becoming more confident during each session. If you are an Ashman Jones client who has a pup 5 months or under then why not pop along on Tuesdays at 12:00pm, to join the party for an hour. It will give your puppy a great opportunity to meet and play with others of a similar age and size. There are also toys, games and lots of tasty treats for them too. Kristina and I will be here to answer questions and help look after your puppies whilst you sit and have a tea or coffee on us! If you have any further questions regarding our puppy parties you can call Widcombe on 01225 807510.

It's not too late to sponsor Murray for the Nuts Challenge in September! All money donated goes to HEART Homing and Emergency Animal Rescue Team. We are trying to raise £1000 for heart and are currently 36% of the way there. Thank you to all that have already sponsored Murray, to go towards this great cause! If you would like to sponsor Murray all you have to do it visit https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/HEART.

Finally I will leave you with another interesting fact this month, did you know Female cats are normally right-pawed while male cats are normally left-pawed!

Warmest Wishes

Holly Smith @ Team Ashman Jones