Lepto 4 Vaccine concerns

"We understand that there may be some concern from pet owners regarding the use of L4 (Leptospirosis) vaccines, following recent articles in the press.  We at Ashman Jones pride ourselves on prioritising patient care and safety above all else.  We are more than satisfied with the rigourous efficacy and safety testing undertaken by Zoetis, the manufacturers of the Versican brand that we use, allowing their L4 vaccination to be used safely in dogs from 6 weeks of age onwards.  Furthermore, all veterinary medicines, including vaccines, are subject to monitoring by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, a government body independent from all drugs companies.  Any suspicion of an adverse reaction to a drug or vaccine can be reported to them by vets and members of the public, and if any concerns regarding the safety of a product were found they have the power to change the way a product can be used, and even remove it from the market.  In addition, serious, even fatal, cases of Leptospirosis are seen in Bath and the surrounding areas, and we at Ashman Jones strongly advise and recomend that all dogs are vaccinated with the L4 vaccination, advice that we have followed when looking after our own pets."