Paws for Thought

'Paws for Thought'
April 2016

Hello all .....

Holly here. I have taken the reins of writing the blog from Caroline so hopefully you will find my blog as informative as they always were ! I've decided to call it'Paws for Thought', I hope you like the new name !

As Spring has finally sprung, with the clocks going forward, you may start to find little baby birds and young bunnies hopping around. Even though they are very cute and it may be worrying finding them on their own, the best thing to do is to leave them be. Normally the mother is close by and it can be more stressful for them if they are being handled and taken away from their familiar environment. If they are injured you can take them to a vet or you can call Secret World who will happily come and collect them and rehabilitate them back to health!


Something which is not so pleasant about Spring time is that ticks are at their peak, with their ideal combination of warmer weather and Spring showers. We recommend prevention if your furry friend is prone to getting ticks attached to them. At Ashman Jones, we sell a variety of tick treatments for dogs including: the Seresto collar, which lasts up to 8 months, Advantix which is a monthly spot on and a relatively new treatment call Nexguard which is a tablet that only has to be given every 3 months. We have found that the best way currently of preventing ticks on cats is by using the Seresto collar as Advantix is unfortunately toxic to the feline kind. You may have also all recently heard about a new disease spread by ticks called Babesiosis. At the moment cases have only been found in the Essex area and not in Bath, but we will keep you posted if the situation changes so don't panic!

DENTAL 10% off

Back to some slightly happier news; if your little companion has been recommended a dental, this month may be the time to go ahead with it as we are offering an amazing 10% off all Dentals up until the end of April!! If you are concerned about your pet's teeth then feel free to book in to see one of our nurses who will be happy to go through all of the recommendations of keeping their teeth lovely and clean.

Kitten Club

Another reason that you can visit one of nurses is for Puppy and Kitten Proms. They are free of charge and are designed for young ones up to the age of 6 months. They will help to get your new member of the family accustomed to visiting us. We will go through everything from getting them used to being restrained and handled to the unusual sound of clippers! We can also get them used to things which they might need in the future, for example clipping their nails.


Just a reminder that we have now started our Cat Only Clinics. They are held at Widcombe on Thursdays between 1:30pm – 2:30pm. We also have them at our London Road Practice on Wednesdays at 2:00pm – 3:00pm. These are ideal for cats that get stressed when coming to the vets as it means no doggies and it will be much quieter for them too!

Micro-chipped by Law

Only a few more days to go until your dog has to be micro-chipped by law. It needs to be done by the 6th April otherwise you could run the risk of getting a £500.00 fine. Getting your dog micro-chipped means that if they go missing the vets can scan them to find out the details of where they live, so it's peace of mind for you, as owners too.

That's all for this month but I will carry on the blog tradition of leaving you with a quote...

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a
puppy licking your face” - Ben Williams

Warmest Wishes

Holly Smith @ Team Ashman Jones