"Paws For Thought"

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas where our homes are full of festive cheer and lots of delicious tasty treats. I am sure many of you will be celebrating the festivities with: mince pies, Christmas pudding, Macadamia nuts, chocolate galore, but remember to keep them all out of reach from your furry companions. Whilst chocolate and sweet goodies can cause horrific diarrhoea and vomiting, food containing raisins can have a severe effect on your pets organs.

If you have a doggy in your household it is best to avoid edible tree decorations, because however well behaved your dog may be, it is just too tempting for them when you're not around. Not only will this not be good for your dogs health it also means that your beautifully decorated tree will be ruined!

If you have chosen a real Christmas tree this year, make sure you hoover the fallen pines so that your little loved ones don't try to ingest them. As they are sharp, they can damage the intestines as well as being very painful if they get caught in-between their paws. Cats love the chase of a long piece of sparkly tinsel however this holly can unfortunately cause blockages and in some cases would need to be surgically removed, so however cute your kitties look playing with the tinsel remember keeping tinsel away from them is the kindest thing to do.

Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia are commonly used in our homes at Christmas but these are poisonous for our cats and dogs so it is best not to use the real plants as a decoration.

My last Christmas related warning for you is in regard to the electrical wires from your twinkly lights. Electrical wires should be tucked away where possible so that your pet is not tempted to play with or chew them, as electrocutions can have devastating results!

Meet Ella and Tasha. These two beauties have been on a strict pre–Christmas diet and the results are just amazing. Ella and Tasha have been attending regular Weight Clinics with Hayley, our wonderful Nurse. Hayley has discussed healthier food options for them along with calculating the daily intake required for their specific weight. Their lovely mum has noticed a very positive difference in both of them and she said that “they have lots more energy and want to walk a lot further than before.” We were all so happy to hear that their hard work has paid off! If you are interested in bringing your furry friend in for a weight clinic with Hayley then feel free to give us a call, to book an appointment, on 01225 446269.

At Ashman Jones we have an incredible piece of equipment; a laser machine. The laser works on a cellular level to aid the healing process for a variety of different issues, including healing surgical incisions, ligament damage and easing the symptoms of arthritis and joint problems. A laser session costs just £20.00, however in some cases several sessions are recommended which is why we do an outstanding package deal of three laser treatment sessions for only £50.00. Please feel free to speak to our team if you feel this is something your pet would benefit from.

puppu party.jpg

We are still holding Puppy Parties at Widcombe, now every Wednesday 12 – 1pm. They are free of charge and allow your little pup to socialise with other puppy friends, use their minds and noses with exciting games and it also gives your puppy a positive association with being at the vets! If your pup is registered with Ashman Jones, has been vaccinated and is under the age of 5 months then feel free to bring them along to join in the party! The next puppy party is on Wednesday 14th December but following that they will carry on running weekly. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you're a special member of our Best Friends Club, It's not too late to claim your £100.00 voucher off any dental! All you have to do is click on the voucher link on our website, at www.ashmanjones.co.uk, and follow the instructions. You have until the end of 2016 to claim your voucher and until 30th April 2017 to spend it! You must have your voucher with you on the day of the operation for it to be valid. Claim your voucher now before it's too late!

It has been lovely seeing all of your Christmassy photos coming in for the Xmas Pet Photo Competition 2016! You still have until 21st December to enter if you haven't yet had chance to capture the perfect shot of your Christmas cutie. All you have to do is send us a the picture of your gorgeous pet by Facebook, email or by sending a picture to the practice. You could be the lucky winner of a luxury hamper full of goodies, for both you and your furry friend!


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and will leave you with my last animal fact of the year. Only female reindeer have their antlers during the whole of winter... so going by pictures, Rudolph must actually be female!



Warmest Wishes

Holly Smith @ Team Ashman Jones