Endless Summer Nights!

After another hiatus, I have got behind the keyboard again for some updates in the Ashman Jones world and animal world in general. There have been a few things that have caught my eye in the past couple of weeks so I will try and include as many as possible. But I may as well start with the serious bit!



Out in the country

With the evening now seeming to stretch into the early hours, many of us are taking the opportunity to actually go for a dog-walk without a torch. Venturing further, this can include the areas of outstanding natural beauty surrounding Bath on public footpaths and bridleways. Therefore, I thought it wise just to give a couple of extra tips whilst out with pupsters.


Gates: Two things to remember here. Firstly, please don’t climb over them, as if you get injured, emergency responses may not be as quick as in an urban area. Even if the gate looks like it could take your weight, chances are it can’t. This is especially so if the gate is padlocked, as it is likely that this is private property, not a public footpath. Secondly, leave the gate as you found it. Though it may seem like the right thing to do, always closing the gate behind you, there is usually a reason that the farmer has left said gate open, and you may be actually causing a hindrance by closing it again. Just as a side note, leaving gates as you find on country lanes is another huge bit of advice, as a closed gate usually means moving animals. The reason I say this is, as from a farming background, one of the worst escapes we ever had (bar the escape that ended up with us walking the cattle down Milsom Street) was when moving cattle on the road and someone in a rush didn’t bother to stop and re-close the gate.


Fences: A fence is there for a reason. Not just to keep the animals in, but to keep trespassers out. A fence should never cross a public footpath and if it does, the farmer should offer an alternative route for you to continue on your way. All I going to say is not to go through as you never know what may be around the next corner.


Sheep: Out in the country is usually the place where you can let your critter run free as there is no-one to complain that they should be kept on the lead. However with sheep is the only significant time where you MUST keep your animal on a lead, as you never know when doggy feels like a bit of a chase. And if the farmer catches your dog worrying sheep can end up with dog being put to sleep. Also, though this may apply to slightly earlier in the year mainly, ewes with young lambs can be rather protective and won’t hesitate to attack you if she feels you are threatening her young.


Cows: My dad does educational visits out to the farm, where he gets groups of school children out for a morning to find out about all aspects of animal life. Within this he has only one deeply serious part; walking with a dog in a field of cows, in particular when there are young calves about. Unfortunately, the cow sees your dog as a wolf, and will do anything to make sure your dog does not get to her calf. Whether, you are holding your dog in your arms or on a lead LET IT GO, as the cow will chase the dog, not you, as you are not the threat. the dog will get away usually and you have escaped with your life. Every time there is a case of cows trampling ramblers, almost without fail they are walking their dog, and try to keep their dog close in this situation. Dogs are faster than cattle, you aren’t!



At Ashman Jones

With it being summer, everyone at Ashman Jones has got the travel bug, so we have 3 people off in the next couple of weeks. Soph is off until the 19th, off partying in various corners of the globe but we mostly have the lovely Clara from Highcroft in to cover for her. And both Hayley and Holly are off next week seeing the world, so it means more running around for the rest of us.


Now, at Widcombe, along with the free nurses consults on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Caroline, is for June and July free dental checks with either the vet or nurse. Just give us a call on either number to make sure your animal’s teeth are squeaky clean.


One other thing I should mention is found at our front desk. Pupcake Princess is a handmade doggy treat company that provides wheat-free titbits for your dog when they have been especially good and they also take commissions for treats or cakes if you happen to know someone’s birthday is coming up.


If you have any questions about anything raised in this blog or feel you would like to contribute, either comment on the facebook post, drop us an email at vets@ashmanjones.co.uk or even write us a letter and post it (no one writes letters anymore and if we have lots of post it makes us look popular).


But apart from that, see you in a fortnight.

For the photo: a true success story.