Summer solstice

As far as I know, it has been two weeks since I have sat behind my desk consuming far too much coffee and sugary snacks in order to write everyone another blog for cyberspace in a hyperactive, caffeine-fuelled frenzy. I have lots of little things to tell you, show you and shamelessly plug for you so I should quit procrastinating and get on with it.

Two opposite ends of the spectrum

Here at Ashman Jones, as we head out of June and into July, we are focussing on two very different things for the next couple of months: dental health and poisons/toxins. At Widcombe all this month (and next too), Caroline, our lovely Widders nurse is running free nurses consults that could involve, if you so wish, a dental check and advice on keeping those teeth and gums squeaky clean. However, you can also speak to a vet about this also for free, so it is solely who you would prefer to see. If you wish for more information on dental hygiene without coming in, you can head to

However, on the other end of the spectrum, our main window display at the London Road for the next few weeks is devoted to those garden and household items that can be dangerous for your pet (for instance, lilies are especially toxic to cats). If you want more information regarding general toxins and avoidance strategies, please don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment with Debbie, Caroline or any of the vets who would be more than willing to answer any concerns you may have. Alternatively, is a good place to look too.

Dogs of War (Just a little, beautiful fact)

As I am sure everyone knows, June 6th 2014 marked 70 years since Allied troops first landed on French Shores in World War II. The reason I mention this is due to the role of 3 unsung heroes of D-Day. Their names were Brian, Monty and Renée, and they made up the very special task force inside the 13th Lancashire Regiment known as the Para-Dogs. These three canines were dropped in as sniffer dogs to locate mine fields, to keep watch and to warn of enemies during patrol. And, unsurprisingly, the easiest way of deploying pupsters was to drop them in from a great height. Clearly, dog is man’s best friend in all climates, even in the most brutal of human history.

As a little side note, you may have realised that Renée was female by the name, and because of this, she is the only known female paratrooper in the Allied forces during WWII.

(Of course I shouldn’t really advertise other people’s websites or Internet thingamies, as ours is clearly the greatest, however I feel I should credit “There’s no such thing as a fish” podcast for providing me with this nugget for you and if you want more weird and wonderful facts such as this, be sure to check them out at

Ashman Jones notices

Good news: Soph, Hayley and Holly are back so for at least a few days, Ashman Jones is at full strength. Bad news: Those few days only last until next week when Murray has decided on another holiday. This means we have Matt in for cover mostly next week based at Widders, however lovely Julie will also be in to help out.

If you have any questions about anything raised in this blog or feel you would like to contribute, either comment on the facebook post, drop us an email at or even write us a letter and post it (no one writes letters anymore and if we have lots of post it makes us look popular).


As the final things, I actually have two to leave you with this week. As well as the picture, found below, I have a youtube link to a beautiful video of mother and baby elephant in the African Savannah after they are separated when bubba falls down a well. Enjoy!