A small Hiatus

After a relatively quiet few weeks on the blogging front, I am back (at least for now). The reasons for this hiatus was first due to Easter, and I was spending far too much time annoying relatives and eating chocolate to focus on said blog and secondly, the blog’s reins are being handed over to another member of staff at some point, however when, who and how that is going to happen is another matter entirely, so for now they have reined me back in to steady the ship for the next few weeks to allow a smooth transition. And I know we are due another mini-interview, however that involves getting my act together, which is always difficult!


Good News!

I repeat, good news! With the lovely Holly just joined, it means that we are now able to have nurse’s clinics across both practices. As usual on the London Road, the nurse’s clinics are every day from 8:30 to 9:30 and 4:00 to 6:00, however exictingly, Caroline is now available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to run her own nursing consults (with Holly on the desk) at Widders. These will be at 1:00 to 2:00 on Tuesday and 12:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday. What is even better, they are entirely FREE (for the foreseeable future at least)! In case you are wondering what a nursing consult is for, just head to a previous blog found here: http://www.ashmanjones.co.uk/blog/2014/1/31/round-2


Mind you, these free nurses consults at Widcombe could be used for some free microchipping too. Since every dog will have to be micochipped by 2016, the Dog’s Trust have brought out a brilliant incentive where they are funding for every microchip inserted at Ashman Jones for a year. Just book an appointment at either surgery and we make sure your pet will be identified if ever they go missing.


A new scheme!

As you may have seen if passing the door of Ashman Jones, there is a new window display on show (with thanks to Deb A of course for setting it up). It is called the yellow ribbon. The idea behind the yellow ribbon is if you feel your pooch needs a bit of space for whatever reason, you attach a yellow ribbon to pooch’s lead and other dog walkers will then realise to give you a bit of berth. The reasons can include nervous dogs, old/grumpy dogs, bitches in heat, or animals that have just spent a bit of time under the surgical knife. If you want more information, or wish to order a free ribbon, head to http://www.yellowdoguk.co.uk/


What’s going on at Ashman Jones

Well, first and foremost is that Murray is back from Oz, and is looking disgustingly healthy, relaxed and like he had far too much fun without us. Thankfully he brought back a slab of chocolate for us, so we were pretty happy to see him! Pip has been off on CPD for a couple of days but next week there will a full team of Ashman Jones vets. Secondly, we thought we had finally managed to get rid of Sam for good on Monday however he is back next week to cover for Bridge on Tuesday at London Road.

In weight loss news, after a strict diet for the past couple of weeks, Olive the EBT has managed to lose 2kgs. We are very proud of her and she is rather suiting the slimmer look.


If you would like to participate in this blog just email us at vets@ashmanjones.co.uk or head to our website where you can email in from there. Just make sure that you make the subject for the attention of the blog, otherwise we may miss it!


Finally, why this hasn’t been considered as a treatment before now I shall never know!