Being slightly disorganised

This blog is going to be lots of bitty little things as I can't seem to think of a central theme in my last minute haste to get up the blog at the right time. I personally blame the weather, which has been far too nice to do anything involving a computer!

Puppies, puppies everywhere!

We have noticed in the past few weeks here at Ashman Jones, that a lot of puppies are passing through the doors. And anyone who has looked at our Facebook page recently would know that also, as Bridget is photographing every single one of them for social media.

Frankly, we think this is a brilliant idea, as spring is the one of the best times to get a new pupster. It means that toilet training is easy, as you don't have to stand outside in the wet and cold (necessarily) waiting for a furry to do its business whilst you shiver. They have the freedom to roam in the garden without getting cold and wet also, and when walking, they and you can enjoy longer walks, increasing socialisation time and getting puppies used to the weird and wonderful world outside. However, we do recommend before they do experince the wider universe that a full vaccination course has been completed, and then a week after that. Being in the garden is fine however. What is vitally improtant however, is the 16-week parvo, which is not regulation across Britiain, however with the presence of Parvovirus in Bath, an extra £20 is worth a pup's life! And rather handily, the rest is covered in the £70 puppy club, so that ain't too bad. (Anyone else notice the blatant plug?)

A small reiteration

As the weather is warming up again – touchwood – the little beasties are rearing their ugly heads again. As mentioned a couple of blogs ago, found here:, prevention of them ever getting attached is much easier than dealiing with an infestation, especially if it is fleas and ticks. So just pop into either surgery and we can sort everything through!

An advanced warning!

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I might just give a quick precaution with regards to the festivities. Though nearly all love chocolate, and that copious amounts will be consumed in the coming days, no matter how much your dog's appears to agree with a having an choccy or two, chocolate does NOT agree with them, so no sharing of Easter eggs, or leaving them in easily accessible places! Though by judging my family with regards to chocolate, there is never much sharing among humans either!

Life at Ashman Jones

With Murray away it means that not only has the average height of Ashman Jones severely decreased and that the boys (Zim and Chester) seemed to become more 'fragrant' ever since, but also we are bringing in a couple of locums. Since Muz left on Wednesday, we have had the lovely Clara in again. The great thing about having Clara in is that she is the weekend on-call vet at Highcroft Vet Group, meaning that she knows our clientèle very well already in case any situations arise for her from us over the weekend. However, for the next two weeks, we have new father Matt in to cover for Murray (so the average height is more than restored).

Since Easter is next week, it does mean that the appointment slots for the weekend have changed slightly, as seen below.

Good Friday: 11am-1pm

Easter Saturday: 9am-1pm (as usual)

Easter Sunday: CLOSED

Easter Monday: 11am-1pm

Tuesday: Back to normal.

Note that as usual there are emergency appointments available that can only be booked on the day and one walk-in appointment available at at the start of clinic for emergencies only. However, if there is a situation that does require a vet sooner, just give the usual number a ring and you will get Highcroft's number to call.

For this reason also, the blog may not be up on the Friday, it may have to wait till the Tuesday after, or possibly the Thursday before (I haven't quite decided yet).

If you would like to participate in this blog just email us at or head to our website where you can email in from there. Just make sure that you make the subject for the attention of the blog, otherwise we may miss it!

Finally, this picture may be the most surreal things you have ever seen?!