Holly's Blog

Hi there :)
My name is Holly and I have recently started my training as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse here at Ashman Jones.  I hope that this blog will be, hopefully, an interesting insight into what I have seen, experienced and also been involved in during my first seven months here.
Initially, I started off being on reception for the majority of the time. This gave me an amazing oppurtunity to observe the way in which Ashman Jones works, as a team, to create a calm and friendly atmostphere, not only for your adorable pets but also, I hope you would agree, for you, our loyal customers. I was very grateful to be made to feel so welcome by everybody and I instantly felt like 'one of the team'.
I can certainly say, since starting my Vet Nursing Training, not one day has been the same. I have already experienced syringe feeding a chinchilla, manually holding a dogs mouth open for a whole hour and a tortoise wondering down London road. These are just three of the things I didn't expect would be involved in my chosen career! 
I am already loving my day to day duties as a Trainee Nurse. The morning is always an interesting and intriguing  part of the day where I get to be involved with getting the preperations ready for the operations ahead. This can be anything from routine operations such as castrations and spaying to much more complicated procedures. Another thing which I see quite commonly is x-rays. They never fail to fascinate me, the way in which an animals body can be taken and instantly be transferred to an image so quickly. Also the way the vets instantly know which part is which is also pretty incredible!  I am already being taught, by my lovely and very experienced collegues, how to monitor an animal under aneasthetic and assist the vet during this time. Whilst being so interesting this is also one part of the job role, which I feel is one of the most important, as it is such a huge responsibility. 
I will admit I have not had very much expereince in dealing with the afternoon Nurse clinics, running from 4:00 pm until 6:30pm most evenings, yet. However this seems like a great way for you, the client, to speak to the nurses about such a wide variety of things. It can be anything from dietary advice to insurance queries or it can be more physical such as anal glands to nail clipping. I feel this will be another part of the job which I will love as it involves being able to interact with your pets and to also help you when you need some advice or reassurance, which I hope I will be able to give to you at some point in the near future.
Overall I am so glad that I am finally training  as a  Nurse because it is something I have always wanted to achieve. Luckily for me it is somewhere where I am surrounded by both lovely, characteristic people and animals. Also I would finally like to say thank you to everybody who sponsered me recently for my abseil in aid of Bath Cats & Dogs Home, it was very much appreciated.