Round 2

For the sake of continuity, we have managed to upload a second blog in consecutive weeks. We might make a habit of this, which is slightly worrying. So this weeks blog is going to have a focus on a new arrival to Ashman Jones, found below.



What was mentioned last week is that Pip was off on a visit to find a Jack Russell Terrier. Well, she brought him back?! His name is Gribble, and is two years old. Pip has got him on trial for a few weeks, but it is quite clear that he may remain for quite a lot longer. As you would expect from a JRT, he is the boss and will not be intimidated by any sized dog, including Zim and Chester. Everyone in the practice has already taken to him, and he has possibly the most inquisitive nose you will find outside of a Spaniel. There have already been a few disagreements though, as on the second day, Gribble managed to steal his treat bag, then proceed to hide under the table with it, causing Pip to have a few stern words that won't be repeated here.


What else has there been?

Widcombe is going well, with more and more people signing on and coming in, and frankly just being lovely. We have had such great support from both the local community and our London Rd clients that we are slightly overwhelmed. We would like to thank everyone who has welcomed us and wished us all the best, as it is always a joy to know you are well appreciated within the community.

There has also possibly been the first tick of the year. We may have only had one so far, however does this indicate that may need to keep our eyes peeled a bit earlier in the year for these little blighters?

The Spring 2014 edition of our newsletter has arrived and, rather pre-emptively, it is available from the front desk at reception. Topics this issue include pet insurance, kidney disease and obesity. Just come in and pick one up.


But on the whole it has been quite a quiet week at Ashman Jones, outside of the general hubbub of a small animal practice.


Looking ahead: who you will find where!

We have a locum here as I type and is also going to be here on the Monday for morning ops, however Pip will be running the Saturday morning clinic with Caroline behind the desk. Murray will back in on Monday at Widcombe and Sophie will be around the London Road from Tuesady next week.

I would keep an eye out in the Bath Chronicle this week as your favourite vet practice *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* may be lurking somewhere in the pages. You might also catch a glimpse of the already infamous Gribble.

A little reminder that nurse's consults are run on the London Road from 4-6:15 Monday to Thursday, and 4-5:15 on Fridays. All the nurses run them on alternate days, depending on rotas, so if there is a specific nurse you would like to see and are willing to be a bit flexible, we can always fit you in.


Why a nurse, not a vet?

The reason you would use a nurse consult is for anything non-diagnostic. So if you have an on-the-whole healthy pet, but could do with a bit of maintenance, we would recommend a nurse consult. For example, if you wished for nails to be clipped, fur to be trimmed, worming and flea medication to be done, anal glands to be expressed, teeth to be checked, a nurse is your best option. You can always book one for a chat about weight or diet, the benefits of neutering and for routine admits and discharge appointments. They are at a reduced consultation fee of £15 or free with the best friends club (admits and discharges are part of the price of any surgery). If you aren't sure whether a nurse's consult or a vet's opinion is required, give us a ring and we will decide from there.



Once again, I am going to be utterly shameless and kindly ask for your donations to HEART via two of us having the gruelling task of running around Bath on a probably cold and damp March morning. If you would like to support Bridge and Hayley on the Bath Half, just come into the surgery and put your name down on one of the donation sheets.


If you would like to be included on the blog, don't hesitate to email in at But make sure it has the subject FAO the blog, otherwise it may get lost in all the rubbish we get sent through. Of course, there is our Facebook page, and our twitter, @ashmanjonesvets, if you want to keep up to date with all that is going on, or just melt at some cute puppy pictures.


Finally, this is what a weeks procrastinating has turned up.


 Occasionally, just occasionally, even a got needs a hug

Occasionally, just occasionally, even a got needs a hug