Off again!!

First announcement of the day: This. In celebration of our new website, we have decided to further embrace the world of the internet and reintroduce and reinvigorate the blogging section by attempting to upload weekly. This venture will include anything from what has been happening in the past week at Ashman Jones, to any upcoming events that staff are going to, notifications of locums and lost animals, profiles of staff or animals in our care and, of course, any silly pictures we may have found whilst surfing online.

We want you to get involved also. So if you feel there is an area of Ashman Jones you want to know more about, or there is a funny story that may have happened whilst walking in Alice Park, email it in at Unfortunately we cannot answer any veterinary related conditions within the blog as they are likely to more serious than what a weekly blog can provide and instead may need to be seen by a veterinary surgeon.


So what's been happening?

Well for anyone who has been through the door in the past few months may have noticed a few things different around Ashman Jones.

For instance, if you happen to be walking down Widcombe Parade, you may notice a familiar sign. What's even better you can now go in. From the 14th January the Widcombe branch of Ashman Jones has opened its doors. This now means that you can finally see a vet without having to cross the dreaded Cleveland Bridge if you live south of the river. Widcombe is, like London Road, an appointment-only consult practice, with consulting hours from 9-11 and 4-6 Monday to Friday but is open for emergencies and shop throughout the day. The 24-hour emergency service is available for anyone who is registered, no matter whether you normally go to the London Road or Widcombe Centres. Of course, you can visit either, as everything is under one system. Currently there are no operations happening in Widcombe, however watch this space as that may change very soon. Both Murray and Pip will be operating from the Widcombe on alternate days so if you want to see one of them that is the best place to catch them. Unfortunately, any fans of Sophie will have to make the journey to the London Road. All the vet nurses are going to be spending at least some time at Widcombe however chances are that you are going to be chatting with Caroline, whom many of you know already and is already an old hand with Ashman Jones and veterinary nursing.

It should be noted, where we have had the most concerns regarding Widcombe is the parking situation. The Widcombe branch has no on-site parking however there is the shoppers car park just behind the church which is a 2 minute walk down the road and we are more than happy to refund you for the first hour of parking when you come in. Of course, you may get lucky and manage to park right outside but that is quite a gamble.


There have also been a few fresh faces wandering around the practice in the past months. As you may know, our trainee nurse Kate left at the start of November meaning we had a space to fill. And so Hayley walked onto the scene. She has now been with us for around two months however she has fitted in so well that it feels like years. Hayley has proved herself to be a delight to clients and animals alike, as I am sure you would agree. She is hoping to start her training formally in September and become a RVN in no time at all.

A few people have been slightly confused when they've phoned and a male voice has been on the end of the line. Sam has been a work experience student with us for the last two and half years so we have decided to finally make use of him and stick him behind the desk whilst he is having a year out. Sam is hoping to become a veterinary surgeon himself and has decided that pestering Pip and Murray for six months is the best way to gain valuable experience in a highly competitive field.


What's happening in the future?

Since this is weekly, we shall only look ahead to the next few weeks as to who is doing what.

Well we have a locum vet coming in for a few days next Friday and the Monday after as Murray is on CPD (Continuing Professional Development) - more on what he did there and why CPD is required in a couple of weeks. She will be running the lunchtime and evening consults at London Road on the Friday and the morning ops on the Monday also at the London Road Centre.

Pip is going to look at a Jack Russell Terrier with the hope of convincing her husband that a naughty JRT is a good idea to have in the household. She is mainly looking at animals from HEART, which is a local animal charity based in Keynsham that hopes to try and find as many good homes for good pets as possible. A future blog will be focussed on what HEART are doing in and around the local community.

One thing that has to be mentioned here is that Bridget and Hayley need your help! They have taken it upon themselves to run the Bath Half for HEART on March 2nd. If you would like to sponsor them, just pop into either surgery and put your name down on the form.


General Stuff!

Two more things that we should raise to your attention. Firstly, Murray, Pip AND the whole practice have all been nominated for vet of the year (the two former) and practice of the year (the latter). So we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who nominated us and we can only hope for the best during the announcements in April.

In a similar vein, once again, Best of Bath is running their Local & Loved awards. Nominations are open and will be closed online on the 14th February. We have had enormous success in this competition for the past few years and really thankful for all the lovely things people say about us. If you wish to continue to spread the love, either come into the practice and fill out a postcard or head to and complete a review.


So if you would like to participate in this blog (as this section will be for you) just email us at or head to our website where you can email in from there. Just make sure that you make the subject for the attention of the blog, otherwise we may miss it!


And so finally, as promised, here is what I have found for this week!


                                                           A reaction that some will find none too uncommon!

                                                          A reaction that some will find none too uncommon!