Best Friends Club has now started !

Provide the best and save money

Our Best Friends Club is a great way to cut the cost of veterinary care for your pet.

We encourage you to join this club because routine care is an important part of responsible pet ownership. It keeps your pet in the best possible health and helps them lead a happier life.

You can make great savings on the annual costs of what we call ‘preventative maintenance’ - all the things that are essential to keep your pet in tip-top condition.

Additionally, we will reward your loyalty with exclusive Best Friends Club discounts - take a look at the page opposite for details of all those fantastic benefits.

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to provide routine veterinary care and joining the Best Friends Club will help you do so for an affordable fixed monthly cost. Please look through this information, and if you have any questions we’ll be delighted to provide the answers.


Your Best Friends Club includes

Full vaccinations and health check at time of vaccination

12 months supply flea treatment

12 months supply worming

6 month veterinary health check* (between vaccinations)

2 x free nurse consults - for nail clips, anal glands , dental / diet consults


Check out the extra benefits of membership

½ price microchips

10% off dental treatment

10% off all shop items including food

10% off pet passports including rabies vaccinations

10% off kennel cough vaccinations


And it’s so easy to join!

Ask at reception and join our Best Friends Club today. There is no joining fee and the simple and affordable monthly payments get collected by direct debit. Ask for an application form and we’ll get you started on a program of affordable life-long veterinary care for your pet.