London Road needs your help !


 Hello Team !!

 I am writing to you all to ask you for your help !!!

 The council is about to vote on the approval of funding for the London Road RegenerationIf we get it, it'll mean that the London Road as we know it will get a full upgrade which it is in desperate need of.

The decision is currently hanging in the balance and we need your help to make sure it goes through.

 If you have time, please write to one or more of the councillors ( list included with this letter) who may swing the vote in favour of a YES. The Lib Dems are all voting yes so it's really up to the others to make the decision.

And it needs to be done FAST !!!

If you can do this I think everyone would find the London Road a much better place for all us






Murray Jones


PS – I have included an example of the Letter I have sent to all these Councillors