Parvovirus in Bath

Parvovirus in Bath



We are writing to inform you about the detection of a particularly resistant strain of Parvovirus which has been diagnosed in the Bath area.


This strain has been found to infect some dogs despite having their two primary vaccinations as puppies.


After taking expert advice :


'we recommend that all puppies who have not received a 3rd vaccination at 16 weeks of age return to the practice to have this administered'


The time when a dog is particularly vulnerable is between 7 months and 15 months of age. Vaccinating again at 16 weeks renders maximum possible protection to all puppies until their first booster is due at 15 months old.


'We also recommend that any adult dog which has not received a vaccine within the last 3 years, restart their vaccination course'


Two vaccinations given at a two week interval will be all that is necessary for these cases.


Please call us to make an appointment or for any more information


'You do not need to call us if your dog is over 15 months of age and is up to date with their vaccinations'





Murray Jones and Philippa Ashman