June is Pet Dental Month

This June is Dental Care Month—dedicated to improving the health of your pets’ teeth and gums. Throughout June, we are offering a free dental check-up for your dog, cat or rabbit by calling us at the clinic and making an appointment.
This check up is completely free and will allow us to assess the health status of your pets’ teeth. We can then offer the most suitable treatment or prevention against any problems which may occur .
Dental disease one of the most common problems faced by our pets today and can often cause a lot of discomfort (and sometimes pain). Dental infections can spread elsewhere throughout your pets body
and cause other problems elsewhere without you even knowing it. That’s why making sure your pets have clean teeth is so important .
Prevention can be as simple as choosing the right diet and rewards. Treatment may involve brushing, antibiotics or possibly even a dental at our surgery.

To book a free check up call 01225 446269 , or email us at vets@ashmanjones.co.uk